“Our goal while on this earth is to transcend our illusion and discover the innate power of our spirit. We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and to live in service to others and all of life.”

~ Dr. Carolyn Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit)

Where There's Life, There's Hope

{Acting Coach and Speaker}

Fortunate to survive a life-changing car crash years ago, Jon ultimately refused to let this event dictate his life and define him. Through love, hard work, and perseverance, he has found opportunity and beauty in his loss, and through his example he hopes to provide inspiration and motivation to those in need.

Upon graduating from Northeastern University in Boston with an Economics degree and a newfound passion for theater and acting, Jon was involved in an auto accident which resulted in multiple injuries and eventual amputation of his left leg above the knee. An athlete and former goalkeeper for Northeastern’s soccer team, he was fortunate to survive. However, he faced a very difficult recovery period and found little hope that his life could have meaning.

With outstanding medical care and immeasurable amounts of love and support from family and friends, Jon endured this difficult transition and learned to walk again. Determined, he decided to continue to follow his passion to act and attended Eugene O’Neill’s National Theater Institute, The British American Drama Academy in Oxford, UK, and trained for two years with acclaimed film coach John Lehne at The Victory Theater in Burbank, CA. As an actor he's had roles, including one lead role, in three independent award winning films and has also appeared in network programs "Army Wives", "Law and Order", and "Unforgettable".

In the aftermath of Jon’s accident he also went back to school and earned his Masters in Education. Married with three children, he is a certified professional educator and has taught in the state of Connecticut for the past 15 years. Through MADD, Jon speaks to teens and adults on the dangers of all kinds of distracted driving, as Jon was a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone legally intoxicated. Active in his community as a speaker, coach, and educator, it is his mission to share his unique life experience to help those in need.

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