Jon Oates Wenc

{ Actor }

Jon is an experienced and formally trained actor currently residing in Southeastern Connecticut, available for work in film, television, theater, and print. He is willing and able to travel for projects when necessary.


Jon played a "Guest Star" role in the recent episode 7 of new CBS pilot "The Code".
He also plays "Don", a 9/11 victim in an upcoming feature film via MadRiver Pictures starring Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, Sara Ryan, and directed by Sara Colangelo, scheduled for release in 2020.


“Of all the joys on Earth, few compare to
the glory of achieving against the odds, succeeding in the face of peril,
or triumphing over adversity.  Yet in every such case - without exception -
the poor odds, the peril, and the adversity must come first.”

~ Mike Dooley